Child care is a workforce issue. Parents cannot go to work or to school if they don’t have access to affordable, accessible care for their children.

ChildCareGroup manages the Child Care Assistance program (also known as the child care subsidy program) which provides qualified families with financial assistance to offset the high cost of child care so that parents can go to work or attend school or job training. Eligible families can seek financial support for care for their children from birth to age 12.

Working on behalf of Workforce Solutions in Dallas County and Southeast Texas (Hardin, Jefferson, and Orange Counties), the Child Care Assistance program helps subsidize the cost of care for 22,000 children and their 11,000 parents. Through the Child Care Assistance program we are supporting today’s workforce and preparing tomorrow’s workforce.

Getting Started with Child Care Assistance

Eligibility for the Child Care Assistance program is based on earnings, activity hours and the child’s eligibility. The amount of subsidy provided is based on household income and the number of children in care.


Contact Information – Dallas

For more information, call 214-630-5949.


Contact Information – Southeast Texas

For more information, call 409-835-1411 or 409-962-1236.

How to Qualify

Location Requirements

  • Must live in Dallas County
Southeast Texas
  • Must live in Hardin, Jefferson, or Orange Counties

Parent Requirements

  • Parent must be working, training or attending college
  • Must be in the activity for:
    • 25 hours/week: One-parent household
    • 50 hours/week (can be combined hours): Two-parent household

Children Requirements

  • Must be a U.S. Citizen or legal immigrant
  • 12 years old or younger

Income Requirements

# of Persons in Family

Total gross monthly income before taxes cannot be more than…



















Priority Placement Requirements

All children who are not in the mandatory category go on the waiting list. As children exit the program and a funding slot becomes available, children are identified from the waiting list based on their priority of order.

Priority Order:
  • Children who need to receive protective services child care
  • Children of a qualified veteran or qualified spouse
  • Children of a foster youth
  • Children experiencing homelessness
  • Children of parents on military deployment
  • Children of teen parents
  • Children with disabilities
Second Priority Order:
  • Siblings of children already in care
Third Priority Order:
  • Income Eligible children on the waiting list

Finding a Provider

Frequently Asked Questions

The parent share of cost is based on your gross household earned and unearned income, number in the household and how many children you need care for. If you do not have any income, then your share of cost would be zero.

Your children have been placed on the wait list for future funding spots. Annually we receive money to provide financial assistance for child care costs, and when all of the money has been allocated, children who apply afterward have to go on a wait list. As children drop out of the program, we place children from the wait list.

First, make sure you have given us all of the information. If you don’t feel that it was determined correctly, you can contact our office at 214-630-5949 for a review.

Community Resources

Developmental Screenings for Chldren

Local Parenting Classes

Texas Information and Referral System

Child Care Search

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