It’s clear to anyone watching a baby discover his hands or seeing a child figure out how a toy works: Children are born ready to learn.

Research shows 90 percent of the human brain develops within the first five years of life, and the brain is most flexible and adaptable to learning during these earliest years.


Children grow and learn best in the context of safe, nurturing relationships, a concept that is fundamental to our agency mission and teaching strategy.


The quality of a child’s early education has a lasting impact on his or her future success in school and life. Children from low income families who receive a high-quality early education are more likely to earn higher wages, live healthier lives, avoid incarceration, raise stronger families and contribute to society.*


Quality early education and child care can have an immediate impact on a family: enabling parents to go to work or school and

preparing a child for success in Kindergarten and beyond.


In short, early education makes a big impact not only for one child but for their entire family, now and into the future.


*Source: First Five Years Fund

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