Finding the right place and the right people to care for your child while you work or go to school is an important decision — we’re committed to helping so both you and your child can succeed.

As a provider, you play an important role in assisting families who are striving to become self-sufficient by offering the best child care available. As a company, we aim to support you in this effort.

All children deserve love, support and quality early care and education for their development. With your support, ChildCareGroup can continue this work, supporting the children’s futures and uplifting families today!

NorthTexasFamilies is a comprehensive website that allows families to search for early childhood programs, education, parenting support, health, food, housing, transit, money, work and legal services.

“I can’t imagine where Ethan and I would be without ChildCareGroup.

I am proud to say that with ChildCareGroup’s support, I was able to graduate high school at 17 with my high school diploma and my associate’s degree. Now I’m taking college classes, working two jobs, and Ethan is in his last year at the Bock Center getting prepared for kindergarten.”


A ChildCareGroup Parent

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