Established in 1901, ChildCareGroup teaches children and parents, trains early childhood professionals and assists families. We believe ALL children, regardless of background or circumstance, deserve a quality early education and a solid foundation to help them succeed in school and life.

Our Mission & Vision

To champion a strong early childhood system that teaches children and parents, trains early childhood professionals and assists families.


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ChildCareGroup was established in 1901 as the Clara Chaison Free Kindergarten and Training School, located near the corner of present-day Cedar Springs and McKinney Avenue in Dallas. Its purpose was to educate and care for the children of women who worked in Dallas’ cotton industry. While our programs have evolved to meet the needs of the community, this history of education and workforce support remains at the center of ChildCareGroup’s mission today.



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Two-Generation Approach

Based on the research of the Aspen Institute’s Ascend Network, we utilize a Two Generation Approach, aligning our quality early education programs with support services for parents, to help both children and parents succeed and achieve greater self-sufficiency.


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Why Early Education Matters 

Children are born ready to learn. Research shows 90 percent of the human brain develops within the first five years of life, and the quality of a child’s early education has a lasting impact on his or her future success in school and life.


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ChildCareGroup’s leadership staff and Board of Trustees continue a long legacy of service and commitment to uphold and promote the organization’s mission to educate children and support families.


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Collaborative Partners 

ChildCareGroup values the many collaborative partner organizations that help make our work possible.


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